Portable Charger Single Phase (4kW 20A)



Special edition 20A Single phase portable EVSE, perfect for use at home when 32A is not available.

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Warranty: 3 Years

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Specially designed by EVchargers to meet the requirements of our customers that cannot access 32A to charge their car at home.

Many states have limits on what can be drawn by the grid, and many older houses with outdated wiring do not have safe overhead to supply 32A. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to upgrade your home wiring, getting a 20A single phase outlet installed is a cost effective measure with only a small decrease in charging speed.

  • Maximum amperage 20A – 4kW single phase
  • Compatible with all EVs that use a Type 2/CCS2 port
  • Fitted with 20A 3pin, round industrial type plug
  • 5m long cable
  • Selectable charging current and start time
  • Integrated Residual Current Device (Type A RCD (AC/DC Protection)
  • Adjustable power settings 8A/10A/12A/13A/15A/20A, conforms to Australian conditions
  • Applicable for voltages up to 250V
  • 5m TUV certified cable
  • Water and dust protection: Body IP65, plugs while used: IP44
  • Meets Standards: IEC 62752, CE, RCM
  • Operating temperature range: -45°C to +45°C.

If you want the ultimate charging kit, that comes with every cable from 10A to 32A, then check out our Single phase EVSE bundle.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 10 cm

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Manual for 3 phase Portable EVSE


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