Portable Charger 16A 3 Phase – Type 2 (replacement for Gen2 MC) – SPECIAL BUNDLE DEAL IN TIME FOR HOLIDAY PERIOD

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If you have access to 3phase power, your Gen2 Mobile Connector that is included with your Model 3 will leave you wanting more.

How so ? ….. the Mobile Connector can accept a maximum of 7.2kW and the power available at a 3phase socket is typically more that 7.2kW . The limitation is that the Mobile Connector is single phase and will only draw power from one phase, ignoring the power available from the other two phases. Even so, at a 32A outlet, and you will need a Euro-plug to Mobile Connector adaptor and either a 20A or 32A 3phase charging cable to connect your Model 3 to the 3phase socket.

But your Model 3 or single charger equipped Model S & X can take up to 11kW… do you really want to leave 3.8kW “on the table” ?

Neither do we.. our 11kW portable charger plugs into 3phase power and (provided the outlet delivers minimum 16A per phase) you will get 11kW charging capacity, the maximum your Model 3 (and refresh-nose Model S and X) can accept.


  • Selectable charging current and start time
  • Automatically recognizes 1 or 3 phase and displays number of phases on the OLED screen
  • Integrated Residual Current Device (Type A RCD (AC/DC Protection)
  • Adjustable power 6A / 10A / 13A/ 16A (max. 11 kW)
  • Applicable for voltages up to 400V (3phase)
  • 5m TUV certified cable
  • Water and dust protection: Body IP65, plugs while used: IP44
  • Meets Standards: IEC 62752
  • CE Approved
  • Operating temperature range: -25 ° C to 50° C.
  • Fitted with CEE 5-pin plug, to use it at a 3phase supply you will need a 20A or 32A 3phase Charging Cable
  • Can be customised to suit the 3phase socket of your choice – 20A or 32A via pull down menu.
  • Comes with back-plate for wall mounting

And as a bonus, if you know you will ‘only’ use either a 32A or 20A socket, then use the pull-down to configure the plug to your plug of choice.

Your 11kW Portable Charger will be delivered with your desired plug already fitted and ready to go.

If you want the flexibility of charging at either 32A or 20A, then leave the pull-down at the default CEE 3pin setting and make sure you also grab one each of the 3phase 32A and 20A charging tails.

BUT WAIT…. here’s something better….

Why carry around two charging EVSE’s? …. the Gen2 MC that came with the Model 3 and the 11kW EVSE for 3phase charging? Wouldn’t it be better to have ONE charging solution that covers all your needs, ranging from the humble 10A single phase power point up to 16A 3phase power? Less weight in the frunk and one less piece of kit to worry about.

We have heard of some Model 3 owners buying the Gen1 UMC as a replacement for the Gen2 MC, but the best we could find is here for the UMC and here for the euro-adaptor. Then you have  to add the cost of the 15A, 20A and 32A tails and a bag. By our calculation that comes to $1818 including shipping (don’t believe us? email us for a breakdown).

As there is no value-for-money total charging solution for Model 3 owners we decided to put together a special deal in time for Christmas holidays – a replacement for your Gen 2 Mobile Connector with all the tails needed to cover the possible charging options you may encounter in the bush.

Use the Pull-down menu and select “EVSE+Tail Bundle” and you will receive the 11kW EVSE with 5pin CEE plug, PLUS a 3m 10A tail, PLUS a 3m 15A tail, PLUS a 3m 20A 3phase tail PLUS a 3m 32A tail, all for $1395.

And as an added benefit, using our 10A and 15A tails included in this Bundle, you will get 10A / 15A – i.e. you won’t be limited to 8A / 12A due to the design of the Gen2 10A and 15A tails. That is a 25% increase in charging power AT NO EXTRA COST, or put another way, a 20% reduction in charging time for same amount of range.  Imagine you’re staying overnight at a Caravan Park and plugged into 15A. Instead of charging for 15hours using your 15A Gen2 tail and only getting 12A, you can charge your battery at the same level of charge in 12 hours and continue your journey THREE HOURS EARLIER.

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20A 5 pin, 32A 5 pin, CEE 5 pin, EVSE+Tail Bundle

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