EVchargers is an established Australian business, founded at the dawn of widespread EV adoption in Australia in 2016.  We specialise in manufacturing premium cables, adaptors, portable and wall chargers for charging electric vehicles with a strong focus on Tesla . We work directly with suppliers in Australia and manufacturers in Asia, Europe and United States to source the highest quality components. All our products are either manufactured at our facility in Australia, or abroad under our strict guidelines and quality control processes.

In 2021 we became Asia/Pacific channel partner for Hypervolt UK. Their flagship product, Hypervolt Home 3.0, offers intelligent solar-aware EV charging for any EV and an unrivalled user experience via the Hypervolt app on your smart device. 

We are Tesla owners and early adopters to the electric mobility space. Our leading engineer and product developer has been a Tesla Model S owner for over 8 years. Very few other suppliers can make that claim. Our market edge and superior product knowledge comes from our decision to initially focus on Tesla vehicles. Tesla is positioned to be the global leader in electric vehicle sales for many years to come, and focusing on delivering solutions tailored to Tesla vehicles allows us to deliver better products and a better buying experience for our customers.

Other battery-electric and plug in hybrid vehicles are currently battling to see who will be #2 behind Tesla. Most of our products are suitable for non-Tesla vehicles and while we pride ourselves as being Tesla charging experts our  charging knowledge is just as relevant to non-Tesla EV drivers. As a new EV owner you want answers specific to you and your EV; we understand your journey and we are here to answer your questions. We love connecting with existing and new EV owners embarking on their new EV ownership experience and we encourage you to call us (1800 PLUGIN or 1800 758 446) to chat about solving your charging needs or anything related to EV’s and the ownership experience.

But don’t call us looking for accessories such as floor mats and polishing products – we leave that to the amateurs. We are charging experts and helping customers solve their charging needs is all we do. 

Note: All domestic orders over $350 come with FREE shipping (excluding products sourced directly from Tesla).