Model 3 Charging

So you’ve just taken delivery of your new Tesla Model 3, and loving every minute of driving it around.

You even offer to run errands, go to the Store for milk and eggs and sometimes in two separate trips, because … well, why not?

Soon you’ll be planning trips across town to see Aunty Deidre who you haven’t seen for ages and then trips into the country areas to visit the winery you just read about and gradually you’ll be planning trips interstate.

Which is all fine provided you don’t wander too far from Tesla Superchargers and CCS rapid chargers.

But what about other publicly available charging outlets other than CCS/Tesla SCs?

These charging outlets fall into what is known as Level 2 charging, and they range from 15A to 32A 3 phase. To find these outlets visit, create an account, log in and set your filters for the outlets you want to see .. so first thing to do is to set your location to Oceania in the Settings Menu. Note that you can also download and install the Plugshare app on your phone.

To see outlets other than Tesla Superchargers and CCS rapid chargers make sure in Filters you select J-1772, Type 2, Three phase, and Caravan Mains socket, and in Filters, select all.