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Finally – a replacement for the Tesla Universal Mobile Connector 2nd generation (Gen2 UMC) that is no longer included with new Tesla vehicles.

Introducing another first for the EV-driving community – unicharger11kw.

This is a 11kW 3phase portable EV charger with delay function, amperage override and interchangeable 10A, 15A, 20A, 32A adaptor plugs to enable you to connect  to the 4 most common power outlets in Australia whether you are at home and travelling in the bush.

Unicharger11kW will detect the connected adaptor tail and automatically set the maximum current draw – no chance of tripping that breaker ever again !
Or stated another way – you cannot manually set the current to be higher than the connected tail, as follows:

Unicharger11kW  also includes the Tesla-only open charge port button built into the Type2 connector that is found on the Tesla UMC’s and Tesla Wall Connectors.
Who needs the button you might ask. Press on the charge port door and it opens, right ?
Yes – true, but the button also stops charging and unlocks the charging plug from the vehicle  – now that is handy.

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Warranty: 12 Months

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What was Elon thinking? How do you sell an EV yet provide no means to charge it?
Oh wait – you can buy the Gen2 UMC from the Tesla Shop for $550.
Maybe so, but it only has 10A and 15A tails and it is only single phase.
So for charging at home on residential 10A (or 15A) power-points it is probably OK if you can charge for extended periods of time, e.g. overnight or over the weekend.

One day you decide to go on that trip to your favourite camping spot, and you know you have to stop and charge along the way.
Plugshare shows you several 3phase locations, but you’re not sure if they are 32A or 20A.
You’ve just bought your Tesla Gen2 UMC for $550 and now you need to add the 32A 5pin UMC tail and the 20A 5pin UMC tail to cover for three phase charging.
Total investment – $550 + $175 + $175 = $900  (or $1,010 if you opted for 1m long) and you still have single phase charging.

The unicharger11kW is 3phase. The speed boost from single phase to 3phase should not be ignored – it is approximately a 50% increase.
Think of it as shortening the time spent charging by a third, i.e. instead of charging for 6 hours now you’re done in 4 hours.
When you’re charging on the road in the outback you want to be off the road by sundown, so every minute counts.


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