Gen2 ‘Pick & Choose’ Tesla Mobile Connector Bundle

From: $259.30

Gen2 Mobile Charger Connector fitted with CEE 3pin plug bundled with tails of your choice.

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This is a special price for the bundle deal of the CEE 3 pin connector PLUS any tails of your choice!
This bundle is ideal for the most intrepid Model 3 owner/explorer, as this bundled together with our 10A and 15A Gen2  Mobile connector (“MC”) tails, has you totally covered for single or three phase AC charging locations found in the bush.

If you choose to buy our optional 10A and/or 15A charging cable you will be able to receive 10A / 15A when connected to single phase 10A / 15A power points, i.e. by not using the 10A / 15A tails supplied with the car you can avoid the 20% reduction in charging power.

A reduction? Yes…

If you are a Model 3/Model S or X Raven owner your car has the Tesla  Mobile Connector Kit,  but the 10A and 15A tails included in your kit restrict the current to 80% of what is available – therefore at 10A locations you receive only 8A, at 15A locations you only receive 12A  …. a 20% drop in charging power coming into your vehicle.  Using our 10A or 15A tails with your Gen2 MC enables the full current, so for any given period of time spent charging you will can get to the same level of charge 25% faster.  A real-world example would be if you were charging at 15A overnight at a caravan park, and you plugged in at 6pm.  You can’t leave before 9am the following morning because your car tells you it needs 15 hours to reach your pre-set charge limit in order to reach your next charging stop.  Without the 20% reduction by using our 15A tail, you would leave at 6am – a three hour head-start to get to your next charging stop.

Very important: When using our tails, don’t forget to turn down the amps coming into the car (on the Charging Screen) to 10A (or 15A/20A) depending on the tail.



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